Good video production companies are not too difficult to find. Exceptional video production companies are just that- an exception. You can quickly reduce the search time to find a suitable production company by knowing which factors to consider for your next video project.

Listen to the specific questions asked by the video producer that you are interviewing. Every project is unique and will likely require quite a bit of Q&A before ever getting started. However, exceptional video companies will make a point to ask these four essential questions.

While this question may seem elementary, it’s actually the single most important question. An easy answer would be, prospects and customers. This is obvious. However, this question opens the door to a more involved discussion.

Knowing the specific demographics of your target audience can prove extremely beneficial to determining the style of the video, the length of the video, etc. Is the video for middle-aged men, new moms, or college students? Is there more than one type of customer? What is their age, income level and so on?

Identifying the intended audience at the start of the project will produce a much better end result.

If you’re considering creating videos for online use, you may want to think about other ways to leverage this medium. Videos that are produced exclusively for online use may not translate well for offline use (television or distributed media formats). That may not be important for you, but it’s best to know your options beforehand.

Videos displayed online can be useful on your website or social media channels as well. When producing video content for social, keep in mind that every social platform is different and content should be created specific to that platform and the way viewers engage with it.

Videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter each have different time considerations to keep the viewers interest. YouTube is more forgiving with longer length videos while Facebook videos get the most engagement when they are 30-45 seconds. Twitter feeds change so quickly that the shorter 10-15 second clips work best.

Make sure your video producer makes this inquiry before getting started.

You’ve completed a professionally produced video project that is now ready to launch online to potentially millions of viewers. However, there is no clear direction at the end of the video for viewers to take action. You realize you did not include a CTA. This is a huge missed opportunity!

It is absolutely imperative to motivate viewers to the next step in the sales process. What motivates your target customer? Is there a time sensitive offering? Is there a complimentary demo? Is there an article that further explains the content of the video? Is there another video is a multi-part video series that you would like them to watch? Is there a website to direct them to for more information?

All of these are opportunities to nurture leads to the next step of the buying journey.

Many people shy away from providing their budget to a production company. They think that if they divulge this information that they will only receive quotes on the high end of their budget. This may be the case with some companies. However, you are looking for an exceptional production company.

An exceptional production company is going to create a proposal specific to the requirements of your project. While your budget is certainly helpful information, estimates may fall well short or exceed it. Either scenario can be true for companies that are hiring a production company for the first time and don’t have any idea what to expect in terms of pricing.

Don’t let that sway you. There are several ways to accomplish a project when expectations are in line with the budget. By discussing your budget early-on in the process, it will help you and the production company in the long run.

While these four questions are essential, they are just the beginning. More exhaustive questions should be asked depending on the project. Questions such as… using professional actors or in-house talent? are scriptwriting services required? is a voiceover artist needed? foreign language translation? animated or live content? and so on.

Take a few minutes to consider these essential questions before beginning your next video project and you’ll get much better results.

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