7 Steps To Producing Lead Generating Videos

51.9 % of Marketers Choose Video As Content With The Highest ROI

Today we’ll take a look at step 1 of 7 to producing videos that will help you generate leads.

Step 1 begins with understanding your buyer persona or simply put, knowing who your customer is. If you don’t have a deep understanding of your customer and their specific needs, how can you produce video content (or any content for that matter) that speaks to them? This is not a step you’ll want to skip. Check out this post What Is A Persona And Why Every Audio Visual Company Needs One to get a better understanding of this concept. read more…

How To Make The Audio Visual Industry Attractive To Young Talent


After having spent the better part of twenty years in the audio visual industry, I hope to do my part to ensure that it continues to thrive and grow, but what I’ve seen in recent years gives me pause. Jobs in our industry have been buried under a sea of available positions in more traditional fields. I hope that someday AV becomes an industry that young people look to first when considering career options. read more…

Why Digital Marketing Will Never Replace A Handshake


As a digital marketing agency, we help clients increase traffic, leads, and sales with online content. We accomplish this through the use of video, social media engagement, and creative content pieces that help them develop and nurture relationships with their best types of customers. Okay, enough of the sales pitch. The hard truth is… without the human to human component, none of this online stuff really matters!
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How to Create Buzz at Trade Shows with Social Media

How To Create Buzz

The InfoComm show is upon us yet again. With attendance numbers over 40,000, it’s the perfect opportunity to get social, meet new people, and generate buzz for your company. With so many brands using social media during the event, it’s harder than ever to grab the attention of your prospects, customers, and anyone else who could benefit from your message.
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